War on terror


Very belatedly, a session report about another game of Labyrinth I played with Roy. (See the earlier session report, here.)

This time around, we played the 9/11 scenario, with me as the USA, and Roy as the Jihadists.

In the first few turns Roy managed to get several terrorist plots into play, and I had to combat them. Frustratingly, I seemed to keep getting cards with Jihadist events. (Roy, claimed to be in the reverse position, with lots of USA events.) That left me no room for doing anything other than reacting.

When Roy switched away from the plots, that gave me some breathing space, and I started waging war (of ideas) to convert the governance of some of the Islamic countries. I think I got nowhere with Pakistan, but Saudi Arabia was turning into a real ally.

I probably spent too long beefing up Saudi, because Roy suddenly managed a few minor Jihads and then a few major Jihads. That gave him enough resources under his control to claim the win. I had not seen that coming.

At times this game is great fun. But at times the frustration with a poor card draw is too much. That having been said, I know that to get the best out of the game, and overcome any deficient deck distribution, I need to better understand the game. This is such a deep design, it demands careful study and play. Funnily enough, I’m unsure the topic makes it that compelling to me that I want to invest that time and effort. It’s been good, but there are other games calling out to be played.