UNRWA’s propaganda campaign

If you go here (Huffington Post), you will see stuff like this:

Human Rights Day has a unique significance for over half a million children educated daily in hundreds of United Nations schools across the Middle East. It is a moment of hope and potentially of despair, when many of our students and more than 20,000 education staff will look at the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration and wonder why so many of them are denied to themselves and those they teach. We educate students living under blockade in war-ravaged Gaza, under occupation in the West Bank, in the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon and amid civil war in Syria. There are many challenges to ensuring these children receive the best education they can, but through dedication and a school environment that promotes their well-being and helps realize their full potential, they can succeed. Today is also a day when we join together and renew our commitment to work for the universal respect of human rights. It is a day on which we advocate for our own rights to be respected and pledge not to violate the rights of others.

It is not only UN agencies, human rights organization, civil society groups and high profile individuals who advocate for rights across the Middle East. It is also refugee students themselves who are at the center of our rights initiatives. UNRWA works to empower students to advocate and promote a culture of human rights despite the challenges they face. This very day, in 687 United Nations-run schools in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, children will advocate for human rights principles. Human Rights Education in UNRWA schools enables students to critically reflect on ways they can contribute to the realization of rights and contribute directly to their society and global community in positive ways.

And more of the same.

It’s rubbish. Out and out propaganda.

Fortunately, the Elder of Ziyon has them nailed:

unrwa human rights

As the Elder says:

A 2011 study showed that UNRWA’s human rights curriculum didn’t teach anything about tolerance of religions and does not contribute one bit to Middle East peace.

The actual human rights curriculum materials on what used to be UNRWA’s Arabic “human rights” website teaches anti-Israel lies.

A document on that same site said that Jews do not know anything about human rights.

UNRWA’s definition of human rights is not what ordinary decent people might consider to be correct, putting it mildly.

Read the Elder‘s full take, here.