Thunderbirds are go!

No, not the Gerry Anderson version

Gerry? Gerry? Where are you?

Gerry? Gerry? Where are you?

It’s Paper Wars #79, newly arrived with Thunderbirds at War, a solitaire game by Michel Boucher about the Royal Canadian Air Force 426 Squadron’s bombing of the Reich, from January – June 1943.

The game with the magazine has a half sized map with one of my pet hates – the use of England as a label for Great Britain. (Bastards!) How to insult the Scots and the Welsh in one easy lesson. Beyond that, there are 110 oversized counters, and the rules.

The magazine has several reviews – some of which appear to have been written a while ago – and some enticing news of some new game projects from Eric Lee Smith, Brien Miller, and Mark Herman.

Not sure when I will get to the game, but I have started reading the articles and like what I have read so far. The fact these reviews cover games I do not have makes them more appealing.

Certainly worth a look, and although the issues are too far apart, the subscription was a great deal.