Three in a row


It must have been Sheer’s birthday this week.

First, I let him beat me at Star Realms.

Then, John, Laurie, Yehuda, and I let him beat all of us at Hansa Teutonica.

Then we repeated the feat by letting him crush us at 7 Wonders, with a record breaking score.

Happy birthday, Sheer! And if it wasn’t your birthday, happy unbirthday!

Now, in a bit more detail:

Star Realms – a quick and accessible deckbuilding card game that came down to the wire. Sheer wiped me out only one turn ahead of when I would have been able to do the same to him. Whatever luck element is easily dwarfed by the engrossing, rapid, and easy nature of the game.

Hansa Teutonica – a variant on the worker placement type of game, the early focus typically revolves around the fight for getting an increased number of actions per turn. So, I thought I would be radical and try a strategy that did not involve any extra actions. It didn’t work. John, a newcomer to the game, picked it up very quickly. I could see him paying close attention to what other people were doing as he tried out his own approach. I expect him to be a threat the next time we play this. Laurie and Yehuda looked to be in a good place, but Sheer just blew them away. He got the extra actions early and ruthlessly exploited them to build up his lead.

7 Wonders – a relatively quick and accessible game of card management: what to keep, what not to keep, and when to gamble on favorable cards turning up in the future. Sheer’s winning strategy ran across different sources of victory points whereas other players were stuck in one or two areas. For example, lots of people were into the red (military) stuff. I had hoped to be into green (science) but just did not have the right resources. Yehuda’s strategy fell apart thus proving there is an element of luck in the game, and when it bites you, it can be deadly! John and Laurie held their own, but never threatened. So, Sheer got his third win of the night.

Thanks to all who came.