Not the ballroom blitz

Israel HaYom - 18 December 23014

Israel HaYom – 18 December 2014

Today’s Israel HaYom newspaper has a somewhat curious take on recent developments. The main headline, referring to Europe, translates as:

Rage in Israel: they haven’t learned a thing

Above it, the yellow box highlights:

European anti-Israel blitz

Beside it, the white text on a red background reports on Hamas being removed from the list of terrorist organizations, the European parliament recognizing Palestine in principle, and condemnation of Israel by the Geneva Convention members.

It’s curious for the following reasons:

  1. This paper is seen as a Bibi Netanyahu mouthpiece. But many would put a huge share of the responsibility for the situation on Bibi.
  2. The use of “blitz” is worth noting. The paper has used a transliterated version of the word, so there’s no translation issue. The message was clear: it’s a blitz. Does that mean the paper is trying to send a not so subtle message that it’s the Germans all over again? A bit crass. And wrong.
  3. They must know that the Hamas removal from the list is a procedural issue, not a value judgement. Sure, as the Elder points out, they haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory with their non existent focus on Palestinian terrorism. But it’s going too far to see this as an active anti-Israel action.

It’s interesting to compare the coverage with Ynet, where “sources” criticize Bibi for both the situation, and his Holocaust invoking response.  He is described as “hiding behind cliches” which does tend to strike a chord. Bibi is not demonstrating a substantive pro-active approach to Israel’s diplomatic situation. Without that, further “blitzes” will be forthcoming.


Finally, completely off topic, I love the fact the front page of the newspaper reminds its readers that tonight is the third night of Chanukah:


One of those little touches that make the difference.