Normandy ’44 – Turn Seven (Last)


Overcast -2, thus the final turn of the scenario has no Allied air support.  The Allied player will need some luck to make big gains this turn. On the plus side, the Mulberry is up and running at Arromanche, so 2 Supply Points can come in per turn, instead of one.

German Turn

The 12th SS takes replacements and stands firm.

At Utah there’s a half hearted attempt to reorganize the defense, but no offensive action. Similarly, while the Panzer Lehr forces at Omaha are more substantial than the Utah defenders, they hunker down.

However, south of Omaha, an attack led by the 77th Infantry division takes Caumont. And the reinforcing 17th SS is involved in a bloody exchange which sees the German forces well in control of Villers-Bocage.

Allied Turn

At Utah there’s a breakout in to the open, but the US forces are too thin on the ground to make deep penetrations or threaten Cherbourg. Valognes falls, but a belated attempt to link the beaches does not get off the ground with the US 4th Division beaten back all too easily.

At Omaha and points south, Isigny falls (at last) to the US 29th Division. Attacks elsewhere run into a proverbial set of brick walls, leaving Caumont and Villers-Bocage in German control.

At Caen, an optimistic attack gets absolutely nowhere, meaning no material change on that front.

See here for the result and a brief overview.

Rules Highlight

Weather is crucial. Bad weather favors the Germans and good weather favors the Allies. The really bad weather – Storms – can safely be ignored in the seven turn scenario just completed, by using the relevant optional rules. They work, so far as I can tell. However, I wonder whether there still needs to be some kind of victory point balance to compensate one way or the other. For example, give the Allied player 1-2 VPs for each turn of (any) overcast weather, and the German player 1-2 VPs for each turn of (any) clear weather.

That having been said, with the relevant optional rules, I also wonder if the weather effects are more or less severe in the full campaign game. I doubt I’ll get to test it for myself, as the seven turn scenario is good enough to let me experience and enjoy the game.

And now, the pictures


Overall snapshot to give a fee for the final positions.


The Omaha – Utah corridor is not open, though this turn saw good progress made in forcing the Germans back. If only the weather had been clearer…


Stalemate at Caen. It would probably stay that way until the Allies can force their way through on the western flank. But that’s not happening soon.


Utah forces have broken out in the north, but are not strong enough to go much further. The German lines are stretched, however.