Josh under crossfire

[This is a guest post by Josh. Thanks Josh! Any square bracketed material is from me.]

The Israel ASL Club met at Ellis’ home in Ra’anana to play a three-player scenario. [Crossfire – AP78.]

Ran and Ellis divided a strong American force and came at my dug-in Germans from two directions.

It is clear this is a very lopsided scenario and the Americans are given way too many goodies for the poor Germans to absorb. [You can almost hear the violins playing…] Nevertheless, I tried my best.

Ran’s force wasted no time, and immediately came at me frontally and what he perceived to be a weak point.

Ellis came at the other end more cautiously, but lacked cover and tank support.

What goes around, comes around. Ran gave me a huge drubbing, which I passed on to Ellis.

My AT gun got one shot off at Ran’s tanks before it was helplessly out of line of sight (LOS). And it missed.

My heavy mortar was wasted out of LOS because I thought the steeple and its spotter were two levels high, not one.

My HMG hex was KIAed by a 2. So not much opposed Ran as he entered the city. German troops on the other end of the board were cut off for the entire game.

Ellis’s advancing troops were hit by a hidden infantry gun and proceeded to disintegrate. I moved in halftracks to finish the job on open-ground survivors, but somehow some troops survived to capture a key building! [That gun was a very unpleasant surprise. Matched only by successive failures to rally the troops.]

Suffice it to say American victory conditions were met. And why not, the Americans get two heavy mortars, a 50 caliber HMG, tanks, a 9-2 leader. What do the Germans get? Nothing! Why did I agree to such a stupid scenario?

Actually I had a blast. I really like three-way ASL and it definitely has its own social charm. I would not disagree to a three-way scenario in the tournament.

[It was a good scenario, and good fun. My report is here.]