Back to the beaches

I decided to have another round of playing Normandy ’44 (Mark Simonitch‘s game of the Normandy landings, published by GMT) and am currently about to start turn four – June 9th 1944.

This time the Allied forces have made an earlier and better breakout from Omaha and Utah, though losses have been heavy. Again, the best progress has been by the Allies on the Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches. Bayeux has been taken and advance elements are threatening Villers-Bocage and Caumont. Caen, however, is a big beast of an obstacle which is very difficult to overcome.

One of the many attractive aspects of the game is that each turn does not take too long to play. So, it’s perfect for picking up in spare in-between moments.


The Allies have beaten back the defenders outside of the city of Caen. Now for the city itself.

My original AAR starts here, with links to take you through all the turns of the seven turn mini game.