Anger issues

I confess, I have anger issues. For example, this, from the Jerusalem Post, makes me angry:

Responding to a question at a press conference he called to announce that the Knesset would be dissolved, Netanyahu said he did not agree with the criminal sanctions clause of the law that was passed earlier this year which stipulates that a yeshiva student who refuses to perform military service be subject to imprisonment, as are all other Jewish men.

“I do not think that yeshiva students studying Torah should go to prison. This was not to my liking,” said the prime minister during the press conference.

Repeal of the criminal sanctions clause will be high on the agenda for haredi political parties Shas and United Torah Judaism when it comes to the coalition negotiations following the coming elections.

I must have missed the bit where it says in the Torah that religious Jews who break the law should suffer no penalty.

Either we live in a society with law and order, or we don’t.

Either we live in a society that believes in sharing the burden, or we don’t.

Either we are all treated the same, or we are betraying our tradition, our heritage, our history, and our obligations to one another.

I hope, with all my heart, that this approach causes such a backlash that the next government not only refuses to repeal the criminal sanctions against draft dodgers, but enforces the law without favor or affection for any group. And I hope that religious Jews are a healthy part of the electorate responsible for the backlash.