An Israeli in Scotland

Here are some random experiences from my snap visit to Scotland; stuff that popped into my mind as being different or noticeable. I offer no comment beyond that.

  • I was there for a week. I heard a car horn, once.
  • I have not seen so much rain in the last five years. (Since I made aliyah.)
  • I had forgotten how cold it could get.
  • One morning, after asking me what part of the city I was going to, the taxi driver asked me how I would like him to get there. (What route to take.)
  • I took several taxis. I never once felt my life was in danger.
  • I did not see a single traffic accident.
  • Shop assistants were very helpful, and polite.
  • I took several trains. I noticed how, each time my outgoing train came into Central Station, the departing travelers waited until the arriving passengers had all got off the train.
  • Somebody tried to skip the queue in the security screening area at the airport. One of the security workers came out from behind his station and almost physically redirected the person to the back of the queue.
  • Somebody tried to get on to the flight leaving Edinburgh with a handbag and four large plastic shopping bags – each larger than my carry on case. The airline staff refused to allow the person to board until this had been reduced to one bag. The excess material had to be abandoned.