UNRWA = Unwilling and Not Really Wanting Accountability?

From the Times of Israel:

Five months on, no answers on how rockets got into Gaza schools

The UN’s Human Rights Council and Ban Ki-moon have launched probes into this summer’s war. But the UN agency in charge of Gazan refugees is in no rush to follow suit, despite numerous promises

In a nutshell, UNRWA is evading its responsibilities.

In response to one rocket cache being found on its premises, it said it was carrying out an investigation. Nobody knows what that means and what, if anything, happened. UNRWA are ignoring inquiries about that investigation, if there ever was such a thing.

About another discovery of rockets, they said there would be an investigation. Now they seem to be living up to past form by ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away:

…Gunness [UNRWA’s director of advocacy and strategic communications] has been refusing to respond to Times of Israel queries regarding the matter, specifically about the makeup of the inquiry UNRWA promised to establish. Asked several times who is conducting the investigation and whether UNRWA intends on publishing the results, he simply referred to the agency’s website, which provides no information whatsoever on the promised probe.

After this reporter turned to other UNRWA officials in the search for information about the inquiry, Gunness instructed all other UNRWA and UN spokespersons to ignore these queries and refer them to him.

So, a director of communications is refusing to communicate. A cynic might think those past statements about investigations held or to be held were purely communicated so as to satisfy the immediate need to say something responsible, without any connection to actuality or intent. Accountability? Not on their agenda.

It might be good viewing for Christopher Gunness to cry, but that act did not achieve anything except misdirect the audience. It was theater – intentional or otherwise – without substance. It was a gesture of a particular moment. But now? Where’s the action? Where’s the living up to responsibilities?

UNRWA’s attitude here underlines their status – as per this post – as a problem. When are the mainstream media going to tackle the issue? When are the funders going to take some responsibility and force UNRWA to be accountable? Or is this badly behaving organization always going to be just another one of the UN’s untouchable beasts of badness?