The dark side of Mahmoud Abbas

Source: Wikimedia/Matty Stern

Source: Wikimedia/Matty Stern

Mahmoud Abbas’ 1982 doctoral thesis:

  • Doubts the existence of gas chambers
  • Questions the number killed in the Holocaust
  • Accuses the┬áZionist movement of secretly working with the Nazis, and supporting the extermination of European Jewry.

As Ynet puts it:

Since then, Abbas has decisively rejected these accusations, claiming that his words were taken out of context and that the accusations were based on biased translations of only parts of the introduction, rather than a reading of the full text.

But as Ynet also says, referring to Abbas’ book based on his doctoral thesis:

It’s important to note that when the book and the topics mentioned in it were discussed in the Arab media, Abbas spoke differently than he did in the Israeli or American press.


…more thorough research, conducted in the past six months by Dr. Edy Cohen, a research fellow at the center for international media at Bar-Ilan University, found that there is a wide gap between the more or less clear-cut statements Abbas makes, declares and publishes in English, and the things he writes in Arabic and that are published by the Palestinian Authority and appear on his personal website.

The fact the books were recently reprinted with funding from the Palestinian Authority and are recommended on the PA president’s official website, negates the claims made by Abbas and his associates several times that this is just a thesis paper released over 30 years ago.

It’s an old trick from the Arab world. Say one thing in English to the western world. Say another in Arabic to the Arab world. Any similarity in meaning is typically accidental. Or, to put it another way, people like Abbas have no qualms about lying, lying, and lying to the west. (Anything to keep the donor dollars flowing.)

And when the smoke clears, the hate and incitement remains alive and well and thriving in the Arab world.

Here’s something about one of the conspiracy theories Abbas promotes in his work:

Abbas also claims that anyone who tried to tear this mask of lies and conspiracy with the Nazis off from the face of the Zionist movement paid for it with his life.

For example, he claims that Mossad abducted Adolf Eichmann from Argentina after he revealed the details of this plot to the American magazine “Life”. In other words, it was not Eichmann’s responsibility for implementing the Final Solution that led Mossad to its abduction mission in Buenos Aires, but the desire to silence the high-ranking Nazi on the subject of who was behind the execution of the Holocaust.

Incidentally, Abbas ignores the fact that this argument is rendered invalid due to its basis on an incorrect sequence of events: Eichmann was seized in Argentina on May 11, 1960, after a long-lasting Mossad operation to catch him, and it was only five months later that his two-part Life interview was published.

Good old time travelling Zionist assassins, eh? What a nutty, racist, and hateful conspiracy theory.

The Ynet article (read it all, here) has some good material, including information about the sources of Abbas’ output – the former Communist Bloc has a large part of the responsibility.

But after you have read it – something I encourage you to do – you may wonder about certain things.

For example, how do world leaders take him seriously? Why would anyone believe a single word he says or writes? Why doesn’t the west – wake up at the back, Obama! – call Abbas out on this? Why isn’t he called to account for his dark side?

Laziness? Because it does not fit the Guardian/BBC style agenda? Ignorance?

This article is a small contribution to exposing the darkness, but there needs to be more done. The prospects for any meaningful peace are not helped, to put it mildly, by allowing Abbas the freedom to maintain the incitement, all the time while smiling sweetly for the western camera corps.