Normandy ’44 – Turn Six


More angst for the German defenders with Clear – 4 weather. Not the full level of Allied air support, but still those dreaded Jabos are about.

German Turn

Tough times at Utah with no defensive line possible. Perhaps the Allies will over extend themselves? At least they have kept the beach separated from the other landings, and there seems no serious prospect of that changing soon.

At Omaha, Panzer Lehr returns to the attack and takes Trevieres (south of the Aure river). More to the south, a thin crust of defenders is mustering around Villers-Bocage.

At Caen, 12th SS moves into position to strike at the Canadians, beating back part of their forces. However, Jabos stall the other attacks at Caen.

Allied Turn

At Caen, it’s all about holding on, as one Allied attack gets nowhere in the face of determined defense action.

At Omaha, there is some success against Panzer Lehr troops, but not as much as was hoped for. The Germans are doing a  good job of holding up the Allies’ progress. However, the Allies do take Caumont

At Utah, the Allies attempt to exploit their gains. The situation looks better, but the Germans are by no means finished here.

Rules Highlight

In Normandy ’44, HQ units act as a channel for artillery support. An HQ can burn one supply point to give friendly forces attacking an in range (5 hexes, disregarding enemy units and ZOC) hex a one column shift. HQ units can move one hex and still give that support, but if they move more they have to wait till the next turn.

This is clever, simple, and effective. What it doesn’t give you is any lower level detail, like restricting support to units actually ‘belonging’ to a particular HQ. Probably that detail would be a pain for no real gain. After all, to get the best out of the HQ units, you do have to spread them out, thus creating your own force assignments.

Any house rules I have thought about would be chrome for chrome’s sake, which adds to my respect for the designer’s restraint and skill in this aspect of the design.

And now for the pictures


Utah – breakout in the north, but badly lacking the numbers needed to best take advantage of the situation. Note the Germans trying to dig in.


Omaha – back and forth attacks have seen the Allied advance stalled south of the Aure river up till now.


South of Bayeux, the Allies hold Villers-Bocage.


East of Villers-Bocage, 12th SS has battered the Canadians, but will not want to go much further for fear of exposing their flanks.


Caen – it’s been a right ding-dong struggle here, with many losses on both sides. On the plus side for the Allies, this has kept 21st Panzer fully occupied. On the down side for the Allies, it has kept too many divisions busy trying to handle the 21st Panzers.

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