Hit the beaches!

Normandy ’44 is Mark Simonitch‘s 2010 game, published by GMT Games, about the D-Day landings and the subsequent three weeks of the campaign there. The scales are daily turns, each hex is 3.8 kilometers and the units are regiments or brigades, with most of the armor as battalions. It has one standard sized map, a couple of counter sheets, and a rule book.

This is the type of game that highlights how the mythical ‘to be played pile’ is too easily disrupted by new arrivals. I don’t know what happened back then, but after buying it and wanting to play it, it fell by the wayside. In short, I forgot all about it. It was purely by accident that it came to my attention, as I was tidying and reorganizing some games stuff. ¬†Well, better late than never, the counters are punched, the game is set up, and the rules have been read. It’s time to hit the beaches!