Hidden agendas


Newcomer John joined Susan and I for a game of classic Dominion. Susan’s favorite card, Militia, was included in the available Action Cards and so it saw a lot of, er, action. John wasn’t shy about using it either. I saw myself falling behind and unable to generate enough money, so I went for multiple small buys with the intention of adding Gardens cards and fluffing up my score.

John looked to be powering ahead as he secured the fist 6 victory point card (Province?), but Susan was keeping pace with him. John and Susan were both doing a good job of chaining action cards to acquire enough money to get what they wanted. Fortunately, neither of them went near the Gardens cards.

At the end, John did not have enough of the big victory point cards to challenge Susan’s score. But, rather surprisingly, I won by a point or two thanks to a veritable mountain of Gardens. (That is today’s mixed metaphor, folks.)


John and I then played a game of Netrunner. I knew things were going to be bad when John made an early run on my draw deck and stole an agenda in the first of his turns… Things went from bad to worse as, despite what I thought was a decent set of defenses, John charged through and stole another agenda. He was one agenda away from winning.

At that point he had run out of money, however, and I took the opportunity to score a couple of agendas, while trying to trap him. I had the game won with a brilliantly executed trap. Unfortunately, I forgot to keep enough money to pay for the trap to operate. Oh dear.

Having blown that chance for victory, it was now a race against time for me as I was running out of cards. I beefed up my defenses, installed an agenda and went for it. But John ignored that agenda and instead made successive runs on my draw deck. I think it was the second or third that secured him the final agenda needed for the win. Well done John.

The more I play of Netrunner, the more I like it. And I know I am only scratching the surface, because I have done no deckbuilding and haven’t removed any of the expansion cards from their boxes. In short, I hope to play this a lot more. But I will need to sharpen my play if I am to beat John, by the looks of it.