Hamas! Hamas! A barrel full of laughs!

Ahmed Yousef is senior political adviser to the former Hamas prime minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. I tend to agree with the Elder of Ziyon that he doubles up as a comedy writer. You don’t believe me? Try this:

Hamas is a Palestinian liberation movement that uses traditional Islamic teaching as its point of reference. Israeli media and many of the western channels that mimic it have far too easily succumbed to the Israeli establishment’s propaganda that the group is akin to al-Qaida and/or a front for Iran and/or a combination thereof. Were pundits to truly scrutinise Hamas’s actions since its inception, they would find not a single official statement or position that is based on denigrating another faith, certainly neither Judaism nor Christianity. Nor can anyone produce a shred of evidence that Hamas formally encourages prejudice against anyone’s ethnicity. And the group has been far more conscious of avoiding civilian casualties than the Israelis. We in Gaza are witnesses to the deaths of scores of our children, while Israeli television has largely been able to parade only the coffins of soldiers.

I must be imagining things. Like when they said “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Whoever is killed by a Jew receives the reward of two martyrs, because the very thing that the Jews did to the prophets was done to him.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the Earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews kill anyone who believes in Allah. They do not want to see any peace whatsoever on Earth.”

Just my imagination. And that is the tip of the iceberg.

And the explanation given for their charter – which they clearly recognize is a problem – is straight out of Alice in Wonderland:  they do not want to kill Jews. But they need to say that so as to attract members. There is no explanation of why a member attracted to an organization that says it wants to kill Jews, should suddenly change his attitude to Jews. Maybe I missed that…

If you want to read this entire piece of comic invention, you can find it, where else, but at the Guardian.

This publication is the act of a cowardly publisher. They give Hamas a free platform. Instead of a so-called opinion piece, why not an interview? Why not some proper questions to answer? Why not put to their comedy writer spokesman the evidence that nullifies 99% of his apologia? For that, the Guardian is to be condemned.

To add insult to injury, they promote this:

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

I wonder how Hadley Freeman, Maurice Saatchi, and Jessica Valentio felt about being selected contributors alongside Ahmed Yousef?