Four wonders

It's a goal! And another goal!

It’s a goal! And another goal! And another…

This week’s session, hosted by Laurie, featured a couple of good, competitive and fun games.

First up, Sheer, Yehuda, and I joined Laurie in the much sought after Suburbia. (A tile placing game about developing your own borough.) Although the mechanics are very dry – you choose and place a tile, and that’s about it – the interaction and planning aspects largely overcome that handicap.

In our game, Yehuda set his sights on a slow progression from the back, suppressing his population growth and maximizing his income. I was doing something similar, but not as successfully. That left Laurie and Sheer to be the leaders in the early sessions.

Part of Yehuda's borough

Part of Yehuda’s borough

At a certain point, Laurie concentrated on certain goals that allowed Sheer to pull ahead. However, by now Yehuda’s combinations were working and he was competing with Sheer. I was firmly at the back. But I had two aces up my sleeve: of the four public goals that earned points, I was looking to score two of them. So my apparent score on the board was misleading.

In the last few turns, Yehuda and Sheer pulled ahead, neck and neck, with Yehuda hanging on for the win. Sheer’s hidden goal was – unknowingly – unattainable because of my abundance of blue buildings. The gap to the leaders was too much for Laurie to close, though she had a ton of money and made some good last turn gains. The gap was also too much for me, but I wasn’t that far away, ending up in second place.

This is what you call a borough. (Mine, all mine!)

This is what you call a borough. (Mine, all mine!)

I still haven’t opened the expansion and this game has a sort of addictive quality, so I guess we will be playing it again. I like it though I share Yehuda’s thoughts that the goals part are not quite right. Or, maybe we have not quite got used to the possibilities. Anyway, well done Yehuda for the win.

Sheer got his revenge by crushing us all at 7 Wonders. With four players it went quite quickly, and the ease of play was a nice gentle end to the evening.  Well done, Sheer. This is another game for which expansions are waiting in the sidelines. So, we will surely be playing this again.

Thanks to Laurie for hosting, and to everyone for a good night of gaming entertainment.