Amnesty is a diseased body

Once upon a time I believed in the work that the various human rights NGOs were engaged in. The gloss was taken off when I eventually understood how these organizations needed money to pay the salaries of their staff, and that the more they shouted about atrocities and crimes, the more chance they stood of getting (or increasing) their budget. So they shouted. And shouted. But it wasn’t the truth they were shouting. It was their version of the truth – the one that maximized the world’s need for the NGO.

When it comes to Israel, it’s worse. They lie by omission. They lie by commission. They mislead. They become part of the enemy’s propaganda. And they care not a bit.

Amnesty‘s recent Gaza report is a fine example of the worst behavior of such an NGO.

“Amnesty’s report once again proves not that Israel violated international law. It proves that Amnesty International again twists international law and again ignores evidence that contradicts its predetermined agenda. Amnesty’s anti-Israel bias is so strong that it spills over into a pro-terrorist bias.”

The Elder’s follow up post, about the comments of General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reinforces how wrong Amnesty are. I recommend you read this because it sets out clearly what the actual position is about the laws of war, proportionality and civilian casualties.

“General Dempsey knows more international law than the entire staffs of Amnesty and Human Rights Watch combined. So do IDF commanders. They know that decisions need to be made in the field, sometimes with limited information, to protect not only civilians on the enemy side but also one’s own soldiers and one’s own civilians – two factors that do not come into play in the deeply flawed reports that HRW and Amnesty release.

The more one researches what real human rights law is, the more one sees how utterly ignorant and indeed malicious the “human rights” organizations are.”

This is important: Amnesty is wrong about the law. It is promoting a false interpretation to malign Israel. But the world media takes it as some form of gospel truth: Amnesty says therefore it is. It should be the other way round: Amnesty says therefore it isn’t!

Amnesty clearly hate Israel. They have staff who would do well in UNRWA or Hamas. Amnesty are sick. The disease they suffer from is anti-Israel prejudice. (But if they were subject to a proper examination, it may be that we would need to sharpen the diagnosis.)

So sad to face the fact that such an organization – and it is one of many – formed with the best of intentions, has become corrupted. Instead of working towards a solution, it is part of the problem.