A tale of two cars

On Friday, Susan and I went for a wander round parts of Jaffa, but mainly Shuk Hapishpeshim.┬áIt’s a flea market, with some chic shops infiltrating, and some early signs of gentrification. Certainly worth a wander.

Here’s one way to combine your car and your retail business that I had not see before:


Parking is the one challenge when you visit places like this. Susan’s genetically inherited magical parking powers came in handy, and we found a nice slot a couple of blocks away. But for others it was not so easy. We saw the police called to a makeshift parking lot – an abandoned, overgrown plot by the looks of it – because some idiots had blocked other vehicles in.

Then, I spotted this car, whose driver wins the Who cares about pedestrians? award of the day.


If I am reincarnated here, I’m coming back as a commission paid traffic warden. I’ll make a killing…