You can never have too much vigilance

From a Times of Israel story (here) about the indictment of French Jewish leader and Holocaust survivor Roger Cukierman, for denouncing Dieudonne – the comedian who popularized the quenelle gesture – ‘a professional anti-Semite,’ the type of typo that makes me smile:


It’s more than a touch ironic alongside the, er, over-vigilant (not to say wrong) attitude of the police mentioned in the article. Though it is also suggested that there is some kind of automatic process after a complaint – presumably by a Dieudonne supporter – that is precisely when it is time to be vigilant against vigilance. In other words, somebody should have stopped and said that this was a situation where there should not be any automatic action.

Anyway, from a light-hearted perspective, it’s good to know somebody is going to be vigilant against vigilance…