When the Shas hits the fan

Ynet has an interview with the Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri. Out of power, and away from the center of influence, Shas is struggling a bit. From what I hear, it is retaining its support among the hardcore, traditional Shas voters. But floating voters are – at least now – more inclined to vote for other parties. This condemns Shas to more time in the political wilderness. How will the party solve that?

Continued attacks on the government as being anti-Haredi? Unlikely. This interview may give a hint at the strategy. It’s fairly open warfare against Netanyahu. It’s negative politics and campaigning of the worst kind. It would be sad to see that succeed because, on the basis of what their leader says, Shas have nothing positive to offer the country. They belong in the political wilderness. Forty years, anyone?

Some brief points.

Deri is asked if the government is anti-Haredi. This is his reply:

Yes, unequivocally so. From the moment this government was formed, it’s been united by a single purpose – to harm the ultra-Orthodox public as much as possible, the Torah-studying public and the weaker sectors of the population.”

This is delusional nonsense.

In answer to another question about Shas’ natural partners, he included this:

Lapid, Bennett, Lieberman and (Tzipi) Livni taught us a lesson… They taught us how everyone looks out for themselves, without even a glance to the left or the right.”

If ever there were a party that looked out for itself and its constituents, that party was and is Shas. He is surely projecting, big time.

Both these points of detail suggest that Shas does not belong in the government, at least with Deri at the helm.