That was the chag that was

So how was Sukkot for you?


We had a very pleasant break in Eilat before heading to Shosh and Michael Horesh’s for Simchat Torah.


On the night of Simchat Torah, Michael and I went to a Bnei Akivah minyan. When it came to the hakafot, the young lads did only two before heading off to do a tour of other shuls and to complete their hakafot. (A hakafot crawl! Cool!)


For schacharit, we went back to the same minyan. As they follow the sephardi┬átradition they do not do Yizkor. So, we joined in an ashkenazi minyan elsewhere for that prayer. It’s still the strangest part of being Jewish in Israel for me. You go from the heights of joy to the depths of remembering lost loved ones. From dreams to memories.

Eventually the melancholy mood passed, as always, and we could all take in that the chagim were just about over. That is also worth celebrating.

Be well one and all.