Other side of the counter

Counter magazine has been the host of the best, most consistent, most honest, and worthwhile (euro) game reviews since its first issue. After 66 issues as a dead tree press publication – one you can read in the bath without risking electrocution – the latest issue announces the end of that era. From December 2014 issue, Counter will only be available as a downloadable online magazine.

Last post for Counter

Last post for Counter

Good stuff: it will be cheaper – certainly for us alien overseas subscribers. It will have some color. There will be no postal delays. Most importantly, it will continue.

Bad stuff: Counter’s current online presence (here and here) does not show much promise of being up to date, nor a place of activity. (I wonder if there’s more happening at Boardgame Geek, a forum I really, really, really, do not like as a discussion place. It appears not.)

I am fearful that the Counter guys have underestimated the effect of switching to an online publication. They may need to make more of an effort between issues than they would like. They may suffer from comparison with other online review sites. (There, speed of review after game publication seems more highly valued than the quality of the content.) Maybe I am wrong and they have it all under control and well planned. Presumably there will be a wee bit of time spent discussing this at Essen.

I do wish them luck. I very much want to see the other side of the Counter, and for it to continue for a long time.