Morning Frost – James Henry

The third of the reborn Frost series, this repeats the success of the first and second: you get familiar and interesting characters in an entertaining plot (this one the best of the lot, so far) that delivers an exciting read. As before, I liked it.

We are again back in 1982. Jack Frost has just suffered a personal strategy, on top of which somebody has found a human foot in a farmer’s field, a local ‘businessman’ is shot, there’s a wages robbery, a paper boy on a bike is found dead, and one of his in-laws’ valuable paintings is stolen. There is worse to come…

Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure, but I cannot get enough of this stuff. It’s moderately formulaic, comfortable, and easy reading. But the action is far from soft, and there is a dark edge lurking in the shadows. And, thankfully, there are several plot lines left hanging – meaning there may be more on the way.

If you want a good read, this is perfect.