Journalism, activism, or flogging a dead horse?

On the front page of today’s Guardian website:


It seems to be publication of month old pictures taken by ActionAid, some charity organization that allegedly works to relieve poverty. (Then again, it allegedly also only spends 53% of its income on projects.)

Nobody is disputing that Gaza is in need of rebuilding. But this is not the first post conflict feature by the Guardian on this topic. It’s almost as if they have a program to keep the topic alive. It’s a drip drip drip process of presenting only the poor and downtrodden… And I searched in vain for anything remotely like this sympathy seeking piece that viewed matters from the other side. I failed, miserably. (If you find something, please tell me.)

Guess what one word does not appear in the piece?


The invisible cause of the trouble is given a free pass.

An objective observer might reasonably conclude that the Guardian has its own message to broadcast, and all news or events must be interpreted through that prism. And anything that promotes the program is double plus good.

I almost wish I were back in the UK so I could give ActionAid charity muggers a piece of my mind.