I want to live in Amerigo

This peaceful land, about to be discovered, settled, and scored!

This peaceful land, about to be discovered, settled, and scored!

This week’s session, kindly hosted by Yehuda, was an intense introduction to Amerigo for newcomers to the game Laurie and Nadine. As usual, this meant Yehuda had to perform his rules explanation. Nadine complained that there was no advice about strategy. In response, So, Yehuda offered both Laurie and Nadine some advice on an ongoing basis. I joined in too, though my advice might more accurately have been termed ‘gamesmanship.’

Waiting in hope for the right color cubes to emerge...

Give me a red…

(Nadine and Laurie were fascinated by the tower and the cube/action points mechanic. But despite examining the device, they failed to inspire Yehuda to always generate the right combinations.)

Yehuda sized up the map, analyzed things well, and promptly put his pieces in good positions. Nadine, Laurie, and I followed suit.

In the early rounds, Yehuda threatened to streak ahead, and I focused on keeping him back. That ended up being bad for both of us: both ladies, no doubt aided by Yehuda’s advice, kept scoring, scoring and scoring.

The pirates started small (zero) but reached a whopping ten points by the last round. Most others did manage to keep up their pirate defenses, with Nadine benefiting from a bonus chit that halved their damage.

I was the early leader, with Yehuda at the back. That did not last long. Laurie took over and was in the lead till the final scoring, when Nadine’s well spread out scoring selections paid dividends. Yehuda and I were the back markers, and I was at the back of the back markers…Well done, Nadine.

Once again, blue actions were rendered useless for the last couple of rounds because we had settled all the landing areas on the map. I also think the brown action was pretty much out of it for the last round as the available bonus chits were not much use to anyone. Yehuda commented that he thought the map needed to be a bit bigger. He may be right, or it may be that we are playing too aggressively. But, regardless, it’s a good game though it can drag at times. I’m sure we will play it again.

Again, well done Nadine for winning, and thanks for hosting, Yehuda.