Goeben 1914


Newly arrived is issue 287 of Strategy & Tactics, complete with the solitaire game Goeben 1914 about the German battlecruiser of that name and its early exploits in WW1. It’s designed by Joe Miranda, has a 16 page rulebook, a full size map, and 176 large die-cut counters.

I’m particularly pleased at picking this up, because Decision Games’ distribution of this to the UK (where I source most of my games) went awry, and I received issues 286 and 288 of the magazine with my normal standing order, but not 287. Apparently it had been missed and was not coming… So I was glad to plug the gap in my collection which I did by ordering direct from Decision. (The good people there slipped in a set of errata, complete with counters, for their Highway to the Reich game. That also increases the chances of me eventually spending some playing time with that desirable monster.)

More importantly from the playing point of view is that Goeben 1914 is a solitaire game. That increases the chance I will make the effort to play it, even though the topic is not one that normally greatly excites me. And I am always interested to see to what extent – if any – a designer of a solitaire game goes beyond the ‘check a table and roll the die’ for such system mechanics.

I have only skimmed the magazine so cannot comment in detail. The articles are often a mixed bag, but the general look and feel of the magazine is very good at first blush.