Five for Friday

A normal five day week back at work was quite a pleasant change, if somewhat hectic. But the weekend is here, and it is time to get ready for Shabbat. Noah awaits. Meantime, here are a selection of links I have chosen for you.

And by way of a wee bonus, book review of the week is surely here. including this thumper:

“Oddly, the person I feel sorriest for isn’t Brand himself – although he certainly comes across as a rather pitiable figure, projecting his own brokenness on to the world around him – but Johann Hari. Drummed out of Fleet Street for plagiarism, the former Independent columnist has washed up as “my mate Johann, who’s been doing research for this book”. For a genuinely talented polemicist, it would have been a humbling experience to have to treat this sub-undergraduate dross as the scintillating wisdom of a philosopher-king.”

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for the tip.

Shabbat Shalom!