Balancing act


This week at work was another half day yom kef (fun day), when our little group went on a trip around Jerusalem on segways. A couple of years back we had done a tour of the Tel Aviv sea front and Jaffa (see here), so it took us a lot less time to get used to the machines and to get up and on our way.


We used Smart Tour, starting from their base at the renovated tachanah (old railway station) and heading in to the Old City. We passed the King David Hotel, skirted the Mamilla centre, went round the Jaffa Gate area, and then did a quick run through the Christian Quarter from the New Gate back to the Jaffa Gate. Then back to the tachanah for some lunch. Then back to the office…


The Smart Tour people were well organized and professional, so I would not hesitate using them again. They also hire out bikes and other modes of transport, meaning there are decent alternatives for those who may be slightly fearful of the demands of the a segway.

While I enjoyed the previous Tel Aviv segway trip, there is definitely something different about Jerusalem and having it as a backdrop. I don’t expect to ever be of a disposition to want to live there, but there’s no doubting its special setting and atmosphere. It made me resolve to think about going back and doing another tour using my Canon to get some decent pictures taken. Me flailing about, one armed on a segway with a mobile phone, is not a good photographic situation!