Today’s contribution to road safety

This is a true story, sadly.

Setting: Ra’anana, late afternoon, today. A suburban style side road, with cars parked on each side. There is traffic in both directions, but not too heavy. Not much room to move.

Action: I am driving on this road.

Question: What do I see coming towards me, on my side of the road?

Answer: A cyclist.

Question: Does he have a helmet?

Answer: No, but he does have a beard, payot, a kipa, and tzitzit.

Question: Anything else about him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What?

Answer: You will never believe it. He is cycling one handed.

Question: What is in the other hand?

Answer: A baby. A real live baby. Maybe a year old. He is cycling, one handed, without a helmet, the wrong way down the street, against the traffic, carrying a baby in his other hand. OMG…

When I came home, I had to go for a lie down.