The Guardian is playing a game

What’s the game?

Catch the Jew.

All will become clear.

From CIF Watch:

Slow news days in Israel? Guardian plays ‘Catch the Jew”

Based on research collected while posing as a German investigative reporter during a tour through Palestinian areas, Israeli born playwright and writer Tuvia Tenenbom spent time with pro-Palestinian “activists” and NGO researchers in the West Bank and asked about the plight of the Palestinians. He turned the results into a book cheekily titled, ‘Catch the Jew‘, words meant to capture the surreal anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda continually fed by such activists to a compliant media.

“The Europeans aren’t really familiar with the Middle East dispute and they do not investigate”, said Tenenbom. Rather, he added, they want “to catch the Jew doing something bad“.

Now, we turn to the Guardian where, on Sept. 22nd, the paper continued to ignore Palestinian riots in east Jerusalem, as well as the widely cited AP story on growing evidence that Hamas used human shields during the war, but instead devoted space on their Israel page to “catching a Jew doing something bad”, publishing the following.

Click that last link to catch the whole piece.

When you’ve done that, it may be worth noting the finale:

…you come back to Matti Friedman’s axiom that most foreign journalists come to the region not to provide readers with a nuanced understanding of the region, but to report on Israelis behaving badly – or, as Tuvia Tenenbom put it, “to catch the Jew”.

The Guardian is not only playing that game, but also is in contention to be a champion at it. How proud they must be.