Susan’s winning Shabbat

On Friday night, after a couple of day’s practice with the Star Realms app, I tried the game out for the first time with a live opponent – Susan. It was Susan’s first encounter with the game, but I was not surprised she picked it up, as she is a dab hand at Dominion. It came down to a single turn, but Susan managed to beat me with a great card combination, and that was the end of that.

On Shabbat afternoon, Chain, Peleg, and Yehuda joined us. We played Hansa Teutonica – a first time out for Chaim and Susan – and unsurprisingly Yehuda won. However, I was only a couple of points behind, so was well pleased. It was a tight game. Even Peleg, who probably hates the game, scored well. Chaim was doing well enough, but just lost out through not having maximized his scoring opportunities.

We finished with Ticket to Ride: Marklin Edition. Yehuda scored well with the passengers but had low scoring tickets. Susan had a reasonable spread and won the game by a single point from me – despite my almost 80 points of completed tickets. Damn! Noteably, everyone completed all their tickets despite a crowded board.

Definitely a winning Shabbat for Susan.