Sephardi Rosh Hashanah

From the Point of No Return:

The Jewish New Year begins tomorrow evening with blessings for a sweet New Year. Jews of Sephardi and Mizrahi origin will do more than eat apple and honey: they will have a whole range of different foods.

[snip]…here is what you need for a typical Sephardi seder, together with the blessings recited for each food. Note that the foods can vary from table to table: for instance, French beans are often eaten instead of white beans, etc…

See the rest, here.

This Sephardi tradition for Rosh Hashanah is one we have, thankfully, been able to participate in ever since we made aliyah, thanks to Susan’s family. We enjoy it. It adds something to the usual – dare I say it – bland apple and honey treatment. (But we do enjoy that, too!)

Whatever you do, in case I forget, may you have a sweet, happy, and healthy 5775. Shanah Tovah!