Merry go round


Sheer and Yehuda joined me for the second outing in our group of Amerigo. It was a first time experience for Sheer, but as usual he picked it up quite quickly and had no trouble competing. He might even have won if he had been a bit more aggressive in his play, but despite my helpful suggestions – well, I thought they were helpful – he plied a neutral and comfortable track. And didn’t win… but it was close!

This time around, we corrected our mistake about the scoring for completing an island. That incentive, plus the smaller play area with three players meant the board filled up quickly. Indeed, on the last couple of rounds, there was little that remained to be built on.

Yehuda started by hoarding money and cannons. He also nabbed the bonus card that paid him money for defeating the pirates. I grabbed the bonus card that gave me extra red and blue actions, and got a reasonable return out of it. Sheer had a variety of bonus cards, but the most annoying was the one that made the pirates stronger against Yehuda and me. This cost me, especially, a lot of points as I struggled to counteract its effects.

My red and blue bonuses gave me an early lead, but by half way the others had caught up. Going into the last round it was close, and even after the final scoring we were all within about half a dozen points, with Yehuda sneaking the win. Well done Yehuda.

I thought it was much faster as a three player game, but wasn’t that enamoured by the smaller play area. However, I think the game has good replayability and even with just this couple of sessions of experience, I can see there are several strategies worth pursuing. There may be more to find. It’s quite a heavy load for a newcomer to learn, but the actual mechanics are straightforward. It’s a tad too long, though, and less serious gamers may balk at the time required. We’ll be playing this again.

Thanks to Sheer and Yehuda for a great gaming session.