Indyk’s connections

By way of follow up to this post (which is severely critical of one Martin Indyk), check out this story from the Jerusalem Post:

“Israeli government officials on Sunday questioned the impartiality of the prestigious Brookings Institution, the past and present employer of former US Middle East envoy Martin Indyk, following a New York Times report Sunday revealing that Qatar is a major contributor to that think tank.”

Qatar? The backer of Hamas? (And other terrorist organizations.) Yes, Qatar.

On the one hand it funds thugs with guns, and on the other hand it funds thugs with an axe to grind, judging by Indyk’s behavior.

Although the Jerusalem Post goes on about the effect on the apparent – ha! – impartiality of the Brookings Institution, to my mind it’s more important as a clue about the driving force behind Indyk. Looks like we are well rid of him. Looks like Obama has a problem.