First Frost – James Henry

R. D. Wingfield, who created the character of D. S. Jack Frost, died in 2007. His estate allowed James Henry – a pseudonym for James Gurbutt and Henry Sutton – to bring Frost back to life with this and two other books which are prequels, set in the 1980s.

I did not find the book as well written as Wingfield’s output. However, that is probably of no consequence. The goal here is entertainment, and that – for me – is what has been well and truly achieved. Of course, like many I have this mental image of actor David Jason playing the role and speaking the dialogue. And that brings an added vitality for free; something the authors did not have to work to get.

The other characterization is a bit sparse, though Inspector Mullet gets a reasonable airing. The plot is a bit wobbly, but just about works. But, despite these imperfections, it races along. It’s a page turner, for sure.

Bottom line: I’ll be reading them all in due course.

Frost is back, and he’s worth spending time with.