Even in Israel

The Scottish referendum has arrived in the news here. From today’s Israel HaYom:


The main headline says:

“A historic week for Scotland”

And underneath that:

“Four days to a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom, surveys show that the result will be in suspense until the end. Businesses operating in Scotland: if you separate from the British, we will leave the country and costs will rise.”

At the bottom right of the page, the smaller headline says:

“Survey: Scottish men are for independence; women against.”

As to the rest of the text, you are on your own!

Some of the Scots (or Brits) resident in the UK may find a foreign perspective on the referendum interesting, if only to see how the story is covered. There was a poor opinion piece in Times of Israel (here). And back in May, Haaretz featured the Scottish Herald story that the first person to register as an official campaigner in the referendum, is a Holocaust denier (here). But not much else.

Sadly, what I noticed was that during the last Gaza war, many of the pro independence sites featured a harsh one-sided anti-Israel stance. Even more sadly, many of these places featured the most vile material you could imagine. In short, the full range of bigotry against Israel and the Jews was on display. And it inspired the previously silent BDS crew into action against Dead Sea Products stalls in Glasgow and Edinburgh shopping malls.

What next?