ASL Israel Event [Updated]

The second open ASL Israel event has been rescheduled, and will now take place at the Tzuba Hotel at Kibbutz Tzuba (between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) from 26-28 March 2015.

The format is open gaming. Participants are encouraged to submit a list of 3 desired scenarios (including scenarios from historical modules). We will make an effort to see that each participant gets to play at least one of his chosen scenarios. There is no formal competition, although the win/loss record of every player will be noted and published.

So far as accommodation is concerned:

“Just a 20 minute car-drive from Jerusalem and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, Hotel guests enjoy easy access to the authentic village Ein Karem and to the main attractions in Jerusalem. The Wine Route through the Yoav Yehuda Region, horseback riding, hiking and biking trails, Mini Israel and Kiftzuba Amusement Family Park are all close by.”

The hotel website is here.

If you are an English speaker, you don’t need to worry about the language barrier!

All are welcome.

Transportation to the event location from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ben Gurion airport can easily be arranged.

For further information or queries, or help with transportation, contact Ran Shiloah at or Ellis Simpson at