Anyone here been screwed, and speak Cantonese?

My new Samsung tablet – thank you, Susan! – locally bought (as part of continuing efforts to support the local economy) just out of the box:


Anyone here speak Cantonese?

My immediate reaction was a mix of anger and surprise. (The store must buy in cheaper imports than are available through the official distributor.) Then I laughed.

Fortunately, I recently changed my phone for a Samsung one. So, although I could not read any of the Chinese text on the tablet, I knew what the icons were. And the folder structure was identical. I managed to find the settings and switched on the English language. Yahoo!

Nice tablet. I am hoping to get some magazine subscriptions going on the tablet, as the normal printed versions of those I like are now prohibitively expensive to receive here. And it’s much easier to browse email and do stuff than on the phone. So long as I don’t run into any more surprises.