An ancient hate, a convenient cover

Marc Goldberg, at Harry’s Place:

“…I’m positive that there are many kind hearted people with genuine concerns about the conflict in the Middle East and the future of Palestinians. What is also true is that people who hate Jews also hate the Jewish state. To think that the anti-Israel establishment isn’t a magnet for Jew haters interested in venting and promoting their own views would be naïve in the extreme. What is clear from the outbreaks of violence on the streets of Europe over the 50 days of the recent war between Israel and Hamas is not that there was an increase in anti-Semitism but that there are plenty of anti-Semitic people simply waiting for the excuse to vent their hatred on Jews. Such people are likely to be eternally grateful to Jews such as Akiva Eldar for the cover he has provided them to do just that.”

Read the whole thing, here. Your bonus task is to go here and see some of Akiva Eldar’s greatest hits (so to speak). It’s not pretty.