About those civilian casualties

The incomparable Elder of Ziyon reports:

The IDF held a briefing for reporters on Tuesday giving new details about Operation Protective Edge. The briefing was wide-ranging, covering Hamas’ professionalism, its rocket fire, the number of militants likely killed, and many other topics.

That briefing led Die Welt to publish this:

Not only Israel was said to have been in the crosshairs of Hamas [rockets]: A total of 875 [rockets] fired during the war and an unknown number of mortar shells fell in Gaza itself down. Many of them were duds – the weapons are chronically inaccurate.

Others were aimed at Israeli troop concentrations in Gaza itself. But a large part “were in my opinion deliberately fired by Hamas on densely populated areas in Gaza,” said the Israeli officer. Otherwise he could not explain their trajectory.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hamas fired its rockets at its own people. Check the Elder’s post with details, here.

I knew Hamas’ rockets sometimes fell short. But to see evidence that they deliberately targeted their own people, is something truly shocking. And where’s the coverage? Muted? It’s almost non existent. ¬†Funnily enough, I have yet to see this on either the BBC or the Guardian websites.