A WW1 game of a bygone era

From the BBC:

The game that flourished in WW1 trenches

A board game played by German soldiers in the trenches of World War One is giving modern computer games a run for their money – how has it managed to stay so popular for so long?

There is, we know, a very big centenary underway. In Germany 100 years ago there was a momentous development, and the revolution that ensued is being marked with great fervour in village halls up and down the land.

People sit down around tables. There is discussion and there are moments of reflection, punctuated with loud altercation.

I refer, of course, to the invention of the board game Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht. It was devised a century ago and became popular among German troops in the trenches.

Not something likely to feature prominently on my list of regularly played games, but the background to this venerable boardgame in the context of WW1 is interesting. Read it all, here.