Liar, liar, you’re on fire!

As we now know from a range of press reports, Simone Camilli and Ali Shehda Abu Afash (an AP video journalist and a freelance Palestinian translator) were killed in an ordnance explosion in Gaza today. They were, apparently, covering efforts by Gazan police engineers to neutralize an unexploded bomb in the northern own of Beit Lahiya. Gaza police said three police engineers were also killed. There were reports of several others injured.

What these people – bomb disposal crews excepted – were doing so close to an unexploded mission remains to be explained.

As does this (from Times of Israel):


The media gave Hamas a free pass.

Hamas lied and said there had been an Israeli missile strike.

Consequences of lying?


So they will lie and lie and lie again. And the western media will ignore their lying.

We have seen this now, tonight, again. More missiles Рdespite the truce. And what did Hamas say?  They denied firing rockets. The lying bastards.

Ever so slightly, a clear case of double standards.