Head on

If you are squeamish, look away now.

If not:


Short story:

I was cycling, at night. (I was probably daydreaming. Can you daydream at night?)

Anyway, the area I was in was badly lit. I wasn’t that familiar with it and could not see as well as I would have liked.

The pavement I was cycling on came to a sharp turn. To avoid the turn, I tried to cross the adjacent area of grass. There was a steel rope pylon coming down from the roof of the nearby block of flats to the corner of the grass. I cycled straight into the pylon. The rope hit my neck and took me off my bike. I landed badly.

After the initial shock wore off, realized I had been incredibly lucky. My head is still on and connected to my body. (And my bike is OK…)

I must try not to repeat the stunt ever again.