Free pass

When is a cease fire, a real cease fire? That is a rhetorical question. In this topsy turvy world, it seems there is no such thing as a real cease fire. After all, in a real cease fire you cease, er, firing.

Unless you are a Palestinian terrorist group.

The current ‘cease fire’ was due to expire at midnight tonight. Rockets were fired from Gaza this afternoon.


  • Why couldn’t they wait till midnight?
  • Is their hate so great, they could not wait?
  • Are they too stupid to care?
  • What good could possibly come out of breaking the cease fire?

Here’s another question:

  • What condemnation has there been about the rocket firing – apart from Israeli sources?

I see none.

What condemnation would there have been had Israel – heaven forbid – broken the cease fire?

Why do Hamas get a free pass?

There is something rotten with the Western world when most of it cannot read the bleeding obvious signs in front of its eyes. We in Israel are dealing with an organization – Hamas – that is evil. Pure evil. It may be dressed up in a religious costume, and it may be presented as a liberation movement, but Hamas is nothing of the sort. It is a modern version of an ancient hate.