Five for Friday

A momentous week? Well, we had a ceasefire that, so far, has endured. The fact that nobody seems to know exactly what the terms of the ceasefire are, is bizarre. However, most commentators, sadly, seem to believe more conflict is inevitable.

For example, let’s take the Hamas terror tunnels. Where did the concrete come from? It came from NGOs that were supposed to be supervising construction projects in Gaza. Either they deliberately overestimated the concrete needed, or they only built a fraction of what was planned. Regardless, these NGOs were responsible for the concrete ending up with Hamas. It seems reasonable to assume that Hamas expect to do the same again. It seems reasonable to assume that Israel will not be so lax this time around. If Hamas does not get its concrete…

Then there’s the question of the airport and the seaport. Supposedly these were essentials for Hamas. Essential, maybe, but unless there is a radical change in favor of peace, love, and disarmament, they are not happening.

Enough bad stuff. It’s time to offer up this week’s links. Hopefully they can add a spark of hope to the future, or a laugh!

This week’s bonus is not really a bonus; more of an extra look at the madness that is embedded deep in some parts of Palestinian culture.

Who to blame for Foley? Dr. Husam Zomlot of Fatah: Israel fabricated beheading of James Foley…

Shabbat Shalom!