Five for Friday

Strange week.

We had one ceasefire that finished with missiles from Gaza, then another ceasefire. I don’t quite understand how you call it a ceasefire when the enemy still feels free to fire. What is the point of the ceasefire?

The residents of the south might rightly query if they are any better off, today. As might Israel.

The Brits have said they will cut off arms supplies if the ceasefire is broken – not necessarily by Israel. And the USA has decided now is a good time to get difficult. Hello? Funny friends we have.

Unfortunately, we have been through similar let downs before. We have experience of craven politicians and leadership in our friends and allies. We’ll continue to do what we have to do, and they can apologize (ha!) later.

Meanwhile, here are this week’s set of links for your pleasure:

Shabbat Shalom!