Five for Friday

It’s been deadline week – more accurately, deadline month – with all that entails. And on top of that we have had a ceasefire that actually held. (Well, what’s a couple of rockets to a terror group?) What a week!

And, as I type this, it’s not known if the terror groups will carry out their extortion by starting the firing all over again. My natural reaction, if they do, is to say Hell mend them. But that rather disregards the poor ordinary folk of Gaza who will die for their leadership’s stance. What, however, are we supposed to do?

I went to see Colonel Kemp, last night, the military expert – a real military expert – speaking about the situation in Gaza. After hearing him on the subject of war crimes, it makes you realize that the media is a bunch of gutless, ignorant, defamers. And the politicians are worse. (Did you hear that David Cameron? Or you, Mr Ban Ki Moon?) In a nutshell, what actually constitutes a war crime (as I thought I knew, and Kemp confirmed) is a world away from the stupid simplicity of “a child died, it’s a war crime”. Or “a school got hit, it’s a war crime.” But after the farce that was Goldstone, no wonder the feeling in Israel is to tell the UNHRC fascists to go forth and multiply.

So, with the situation as it is, away from the security risks, we do what we always do: we carry on with life. Shabbat is on its way, and we will have our day of rest. And we will pray for a peaceful, enduring  end to this.

Life goes on. Here’s some of the proof:

Bonus link:

Shabbat Shalom!