Under observation


David, Sheer, Rochelle, Susan, and I started with a five person session of an old classic filler game, Reibach & Co. Essentially, you are trying to collect sets. You either want a monopoly, or the biggest number of cards in a set. There are Jokers and double point cards, and a ticking clock scoring mechanism that adds to the tension. It’s fast, fun, not too serious, and has a fair chunk of luck. (You can tell I won...)

Chen had arrived to watch. Yehuda had arrived to play.

David, Rochelle, and Susan went off to play Dominion. Susan’s unbroken run of wins came to a dead halt courtesy of David, but by the end of a three game session everyone had claimed a win, and everyone looked happy.

Sheer, Yehuda and I went for the rather meaty Age of Industry, using the variant Japan board. It took a long, long, time for Yehuda to explain the rules to newcomer Sheer, but he must have paid attention as he did rather well. Very well, in fact, for a first game.

The one standout feature was that we burned up all the coal and iron assets, and so were unable to finish off the cards. We may have got something wrong, but it was not immediately obvious. Anyway, I had the most points just ahead of Sheer and Yehuda, so I think we played it fine!

A good tonic for the week. Thanks to all who came.