Siren call

So last night was the first time I had heard the Ra’anana sirens go off to warn of incoming missile attack. And, inevitably, it’s been on mind. I’ve been turning the episode and the experience over, trying to kick around ideas, thoughts, feelings, and related concepts, to help me see the situation from different perspectives.

Here’s one perspective. And with it, a proposal.

What I experienced was nothing compared to what Sderot residents have experienced. No other country would – or should – allow part of its citizenry to live in such conditions. Why did we allow the people of Sderot to suffer and do nothing? Nothing?

One factor is the disconnect between Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Sderot. It’s not necessarily the case that people in the first two places don’t care about Sderot; it’s more a case of out-of-sight is out-of-mind.

We allowed that. It was a mistake.

So here’s a suggestion.

Once we get the present situation sorted, how about we connect the sirens in Sderot to the sirens in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem? When the sirens in Sderot go off, they go off in Jerualem and Tel Aviv. Every time Sderot is attacked, the people of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (and Ra’anana, if it helps) would know, and would share in some small way.

I just wonder how long it would be of that ‘sharing‘ before the political and military elite realized how very badly they had let down our southern citizens in the past. I wouldn’t expect it to be very long before proper action was taken.

Heaven forbid we get back to a phony truce. But if it does happen, making a real connection between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Sderot, would be a real commitment to the unity of the country and Am Yisrael. We should not forget. They should never be out of mind again.